This year’s TechCrunch Shenzhen is all prepped and ready once again.  As an independent financing brand under TechNode, the VC Meetup is one of the most in-demand components in TechCrunch as it provides a platform for startups and venture capitals to interact face-to-face. Ever since 4 years ago when the VC Meetup began, nearly 10,000 startups successfully received an opportunity to meet up with the venture capitals. Amongst them, dozens of startups such as,, Pyyx, etc. managed to receive more than $10million in funding from China’s first-line investors and back-end support from various resources. 50+ startups successfully got their Pre-A series funding at their early financing stage, while foreign startups managed to gain favour by well-known local venture capitals in which provided them with a strong support to enter the China market. This time in Shenzhen, we’re going to do it all over again, but with even more VCs than the past years. For a chance to chat with more than 100 VCs, come meet us at TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019!

Key things to take note

  • Entrepreneurs can engage with the VCs on a one-to-one, uninterrupted session.
  • Entrepreneurs can connect efficiently with relevant VC’s according to their start-up sectors.
  • During the registration process, do not forget to upload your business plan or introductory documents so that we can share this information with our VCs before or after the event.
  • Be punctual at the event venue. All startups can interact with a maximum of three VCs, 10 minutes for each. After speaking to all three, you may queue again for another chance.
  • Entrepreneurs should bring their own computer or display equipment to the event. We will not provide these devices for your demonstration.

Detail and Information

11th Nov, 2019 Afternoon: 13:30-16:30

12th Nov, 2019 Afternoon: 13:30-16:30

Startups Registration

Online Registration on VC Meetup Webpage before the event;
Further assistance will be provided on the actual event.


Shenzhen Bay Venture Plaza ground floor , Shenzhen Software Industrial Base.

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List of VCMeetup

赛富投资基金 SAIF Partners
深圳市创新投资集团 Shenzhen Venture Capital
深圳前海同威资本有限公司 Shenzhen Co-Power Asset Management
深圳市投控东海投资有限公司 Toposcend
真格基金 ZhenFund Inc.
英诺天使厦门基金 Inno Angel Fund
华登国际 Walden International
德联资本 Delian Capital
和玉资本 MSA Capital
华旦天使投资 Huadan Investment Management Co
创享投资 Creation Venture
华山资本 WestSummit Capital
国金投资 Guojin Capital
达晨创投 Fortune VC
瑞奕资本 Raiyee Fund
广东天使会 Angels Canton
宁波草之星投资管理有限公司 Ningbo Grass Star Investment Management Co
HAX硬件投资基金 HAX Hardware Invesment Fund
浩方创投 Hofan Capital
招商启航 China Merchants Group
明势资本 Future Capital
初心资本 Chuxin Capital
红点中国 Redpoint China Ventures
百度风投 Baidu Ventures
启赋资本 QF Captial
创世伙伴资本 China Creation Ventures (CCV)
线性资本 Linear Venture
青松基金 QingSong Fund
德迅投资 Decent Capital
启迪之星创投 Tusstar
北高峰资本 North Summit Capital
Betatron加速器 Betatron
大观资本 Grand VC
玛娜影响力投资基金 CSEIIF
影力资本 Impacto Capital
星力资本 Xing Li Fund
光远投资 Forebright Capital Management Limited
深圳道格资本管理有限公司 DGC
古山资本 Gushan Fund
华辰资本 HC Capital
启明创投 Qiming VC
君联资本 Legend Capital
Singha Ventures Singha Ventures
五岳资本 N5Capital
Global Brain Global Brain
雅胜投资 Artesian VC
美国中经合 WI Harper Group
云天使基金 Cloud Angel Fund
香港三菱商事 Mitsubishi Corporation (Hong Kong) Ltd. Shenzhen Representative Office
所向资本 SSR Capital
坚果资本 CapitalNuts
寒武创投 cambrian VC
澳银资本 ASBV China
经纬中国 Matrix Partners China
中美创投 SUVC
IDG资本 IDG Capital
松禾资本 Pine VC
复星锐正资本 Fosun RZ capital
MindWorks Ventures 概念资本 MindWorks Ventures
Cocoon Ignite Ventures科控资本 Cocoon Ignite Ventures
源码资本 Source Code Capital
红杉中国 Sequoia Capital
北极光创投 Northen Light VC
光速中国 lightspeed China Partner
海纳亚洲创投基金 SIG China
元禾控股 Oriza Holdings
华创资本 China Growth Capital
愉悦资本 Joy Capital
华岩资本 ChinaRock Capital Management Limited
Cheese Ventures Cheese Ventures
Particle X Particle X
十方麟玺 Tenplus VC
凯昇资本 Triumph Capital
爱建信托 Shanghai AJ Trust & Investment
子雨社会投资有限公司 ZiYu Investment Group
国盛证券深圳分公司 GuoZheng Securities
宝马(中国)服务有限公司 BMW

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