Side Stage

11th-12th November

Shenzhen Bay Venture Plaza, Shenzhen Software Industrial Base


In order to provide an in-depth content-sharing platform for our attendees, we are working with our partners to present topics on cross border, the investment environment in Asia, industrial Internet 4.0, new economy and new media.

Social Media Marketing Side Stage

Emerge by TechNode | A deep dive into emerging China tech trends


In the era of information explosion, the influence of social media marketing on a new generation of user groups continues to rise. At present, social media users are dominated by young and middle-aged users, and the proportion of users aged 24-40 is as high as 70%. Social media is one of the fastest growing industries. In 2019, the number of mobile social users is expected to reach 780 million. At the same time, short video and online live users are also maintaining rapid growth, providing better traffic for social media marketing. From the current stage, the social media marketing industry chain and cooperation model are still constantly exploring and changing. The marketing model is constantly innovating based on the continuous exploration of innovation, fun and timeliness. Rich play, hard content, content customization, web red activities, account operations and cross-platform integration.


Emerge was born when we saw the enormous information gap about emergent technology trends in China. We want to empower our community of entrepreneurs and professionals by helping them understand China through expert analysis and insight. Our online content is already recognized as the best out there. Now it’s time to bring that offline.

For TechCrunch Shenzhen, we are taking a snapshot of the current trends shaping tech in China by looking at China-India cross-border investment and entrepreneurship, the coming wave of consumer-driven customization, as well as a new gaming model for the mobile phone.

Crossing Border & Fuelling Collaboration



20 years ago,Chinese enterprises began their journey to expand their overseas business. It is not only an external expansion of China’s economic , but also a kind of civilized output. When crossing the border, there are many opportunities and pain points. On the one hand, sporadic and inaccurate information makes it difficult for companies to develop overseas business,on the other hand, different countries have different cultures and values. It is difficult for companies to conduct precise marketing activities and find the best partners in the local area. However,the opportunities and risks of overseas investment coexist. It is necessary for enterprises to understand the local investment environment and regulations to avoid risks and protect their own rights and interests.


China’s sports market is rapidly renewing, the national fitness trend and the government’s vigorous promotion plus infrastructure’s accelerated construction are all pushing and upgrading the industry, and not to mention the rapid development of technology. Technology and New Experience are empowering the innovation of sports products & equipment, fitness & gyms, sports tourism, training, and sports events. They have all become new and significant consumption growth points. According to the “National Fitness Program” issued by the State Council, it is estimated that by 2020, China’s sports consumption market will have a scale of 1.5 trillion.



Emerging Markets: Investment Opportunities side stage aims to bring together Chinese and Southeast Asia’s investors, startups and corporates. We bring in reputable speakers from diverse expertise to deep dive and candidly share about the truths in today’s volatile market. Cross share and learn the strategies and avoid potential disasters when venturing into new markets. The several elements in this side stage offers attendees the opportunity to interact and question experts from Asia, debunk any sort of preconceived ideas and truly understand the potential in emerging markets to make wise investments.

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