14:00-16:00, Nov 12th, 2019

IDG Asia Sports Accelerator, Ground Floor, Block 4A, Shenzhen Software Industry Base

China’s sports market is rapidly renewing, the national fitness trend and the government’s vigorous promotion plus infrastructure’s accelerated construction are all pushing and upgrading the industry, and not to mention the rapid development of technology. Technology and New Experience are empowering the innovation of sports products & equipment, fitness & gyms, sports tourism, training, and sports events. They have all become new and significant consumption growth points. According to the “National Fitness Program” issued by the State Council, it is estimated that by 2020, China’s sports consumption market will have a scale of 1.5 trillion.

The IDG Asia Sports Accelerator is created by IDG Asia Incubator and ITworks (China) Inc., aiming to be the pioneering acceleration platform for global Sports Industry technology, IPs, associations, companies and business to enter, grow and thrive in the mass China’s market. This special forum has gathered representatives of overseas organizations curating well-known innovation services from US and Israel, as well as outstanding entrepreneurs of emerging innovation companies to jointly explore new tech, new ideas and new opportunities in the sports industry under the new ecology of China’s sports market.


14:00-14:05 Opening Speech by Host
14:05-14:40 Roundtable Talk: On Global Innovation Services Ecosystem Brian Wen, GM, Operator of IDG Asia Sports Accelerator

Michael Zhu , Founder & Managing Partner, Accathon Capital (New York)

Yogev Oshaya, Representative Shenzhen, IsCham China

14:40-15:00 Company Roadshow:Constructing Virtual World Aborigines With 3D Human Reconstruction 杨少毅, CEO, Visbodyfit
15:00-15:20 Company Roadshow:Introduce Rehabilitation Black Technology Into The Fitness Industry 张宇奇, Founder, BalanX
15:20-15:40 Company Roadshow:New Value of Spatial Interaction 贺杰 , GM, Ximmerse
15:40-16:00 Company Roadshow:Intelligent Youth Sports Education and Management SaaS System Based on AI and IoT Dr.Elvis Wang, Founder, AI Motion Sports
16:00-16:10 Group Picture