TechCrunch China greater Bay Area conference cum regional final @HKSTP, themed at Converge and Exchange, aiming to link different innovations in the region by the unique position of Hong Kong as the international financial center and also as the innovation center.

With the development of high-end technology industry to become a national policy, With Tencent, Huawei and other international innovative companies, Shenzhen is very suitable to become the base for innovation and technology research and development, while Dongguan, Zhongshan and other cities have the productivity to realise mass production of such R&D, Hong Kong and Macao as the gate for such companies to the international market, opening up funds and talents pool, with a population of 100 million people, Greater Bay Area (GBA) can become the best market for application of innovative technologies.

9 Mainland cities and 2 Special administrative regions form a “9 + 2” pattern. The Greater Bay Area will not only has biggest population than other world-class bay areas but also a comprehensive ecosystem for businesses. Hong Kong as the international financial center, Macau as the tourism exhibition, while Shenzhen is a science and technology base and Guangzhou has cultural and creative roots, the Bay Area has a world-class scale of manufacturing industry and three international-level ports and airports, these infrastructures have made the Greater Bay Area tremendous possibilities.

However, how do these 11 cities start to develop and cooperate with each other in the framework of Greater Bay Area?

13th November
Time Topic
11:40 – 13:00 Exclusive VIP Lunch Break & Networking
12:30 – 13:00 Audience Registration
13:00 – 13:20 Opening Remark
13:20 – 13:50 Panel Discussion:From Tech Node to Network – Enabling the Smarter City
13:50 – 14:20 Panel Discussion:Breaking the invisible veil: set free the monetary exchange in Greater Bay Area
14:20 – 15:00 Keynote:9+2>11, converging talents and funds from Hong Kong to Global
15:00 – 15:30 Tea Break & Networking
15:30 – 17:45 Startup Competition @Greater Bay Area
17:45 – 17:55 Judges Meeting
18:00 Announcement Ceremony for Top 2 Startups

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Why 2018 TechCrunch Greater Bay Area Startup Competition?

In recent years, China has strongly supported the construction of the Greater Bay Area, the region has various advantages over other Bay Areas in terms of population and industrial ecosystems. At the same time, the Greater Bay Area has various world-level infrastructure facilities that provides the perfect landscape for entrepreneurs to start their business here.

However, how do entrepreneurs seize the opportunities and cooperate with each other under the framework of Greater Bay Area? The TechCrunch Greater Bay Area Startup competition will be held on the theme of “Converge and Exchange”, inviting teams or projects from around the world, with a focus on the Greater Bay Area. Top venture capitalists and corporate representatives will be here to guide our entrepreneurs.

Competition notes

Who can join?

Tech, media, and telecommunications startups

What we’re looking for:

Innovative products, new ways of tackling solution, No “Copy to China”
Software and intelligent hardware
Companies that have little to no media exposure

Registration and benefits for shortlisted companies:

The winner of 2018 TechCrunch Greater Bay Area Startup Competition
1)Fast track to Science and Technology Entrepreneur Program (STEP) of Hong Kong Science and Techology Park. (Max. 100k Grant)
2)20milion Investment Guranteed buyback pool offered by Angel Invesment Foundation.
3)Co-working spaces fix desks offered by Eureka Nova

Startup Competition Q&A

Find the result

Make sure you leave the correct email address and phone number. We will notify you promptly.

After pass the first selection

After our confirmation, please prepare your product and PPT. We will arrange several rehearsals to ensure the best effect.

How to Contact

Any other questions, please email to would feed back in 24 hours.

How to apply the booth

Please contact for any questions of Startup Competition, we will reply you in a short time.

The judges of 2018 TechCrunch Greater Bay Area Startup Competition

  • Peter Mok
    Peter Mok Head, Incubation Programmes at HKSTP
  • Jason Sun
    Jason Sun Director of Internal Operations, Hong Kong X-Tech Startup Platform / X Technology Fund
  • Duncan Chiu
    Duncan Chiu Co-Founder & Managing Director, Radiant Venture Capital
  • Alvin Lam
    Alvin Lam T12M Ventures, Managing partner
  • Sam Wong
    Sam Wong General Manager, Tuspark Hong Kong
  • Mingles Tsoi
    Mingles Tsoi CXO, ParticleX
  • Jade Liao
    Jade Liao Investment Manager, Beyond Ventures
  • Amia Liu
    Amia Liu VP of China Merchants Startup Internet Investment Management CO., Ltd
  • Alex Yan
    Alex Yan Chief Representative of South China, Qiming Venture Partners

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2018 Hong kong Competition Application Form

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