8th – 9th Nov 2018

Cyberport Function Room


Drive the new wave of venture capital investment

Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF) is Cyberport’s annual signature event to discuss global successes of smart investments and hot trends of venture capital markets in the digital technology space. The event provides a unique platform to connect investor icons, industry professionals and start-up founders to share insights on technology trends with the focus on Fintech, AI/Big Data, Blockchain, as well as Smart City/Living, and foster investment matching opportunities focusing on early stage tech investments.

As a key advocate of the start-up ecosystem in Hong Kong, Cyberport hosts the CVCF to bring leading investors and tech start-ups under one roof to foster more investment matching and business collaboration opportunities.

The Hon. Nicholas W Yang, JP, Secretary for Innovation and Technology of the Hong Kong SAR Government, will be joined Cyberport’s Chairman, Dr Lee George Lam to officiate the opening ceremony.

This year, Cyberport will collaborate with TechNode for the first time to organise the thematic session CVCF x TechCrunch, comprising of a keynote presentation and panel discussion.  With China being a global technology and venture capital frontrunner, this session will focus on the latest international investment situation and Chinese Mainland’s tech investor appetite. It will also explore tech development prospects along the Greater Bay Area, as well as analyse ways in which businesses can gain insights and leverage on the latest industry and investment trends in the region to improve their fundraising capabilities. TechNode will also lead representatives from some of Chinese Mainland’s leading investors to attend CVCF’s Investor Matching to connect and meet with Hong Kong’s digital tech companies to explore investment opportunities.

8th November
8:30 – 9:15 Registration
9:15 – 9:25 Welcome Remarks Cyberport Chairman, Dr. Lee George Lam
9:25 – 9:35 Opening Remarks The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Innovation and Technology Secretary, The Hon. Nicholas W Yang, JP
9:35 – 9:45 Introductory Remarks Cyberport CEO, Peter Yan
9:45 – 10:10 Keynote 1: Dispelling the Myth-Fundraising Sets to Thrive amidst Peaking Internet Growth Baidu Capital Founding and Managing PartnerDr. Jenny Wu
10:10 – 10:45 Panel Discussion 1: Sealing the Deal-Top Innovations Sought by Investors Megvii (Face++) Co-Founder & CEO, Yin Qi
Silverlink Capital  Partner,  Dr.Theresa Teng
TechNode CEO, Gang Lu (Moderator)
10:45 – 11:15  Panel Discussion 2:
Strategy in Action – Blockchain & Digital Currency Opportunities along Digital Silk Road
Wanxiang Blockchain Labs General Manager, Yu Du
500Startups Partner, Bonnie Cheung
Standard Kepler Managing Director, Mr. David Tang
McKinsey & Company, Representative (Moderator)
11:15 – 11:30 Coffee Break / Digital Tech Solution Display
11:30 – 11:55 Keynote: Shifting Dynamics of Tech Investment Ecosystems Founders Fund Asia, Managing Director, Mr. Jeff Lonsdale
11:55 – 12:30 Panel Discussion 3: The AI Revolution Baidu Changcheng Investment Investment Director, Ms. Nan Zhou
AMINO Capital Managing Partner, Dr. Sue Xu
China Growth Capital Partner, Wayne Shiong
Hoxton Ventures Partner, Hussein Kanji
Silicon Founder/Editor, Rebecca Fannin (Moderator)
12:30-13:00 Panel Discussion 4: Sino-US Trade Tensions on Tech Venturing (hosted by Cyberport Investors Network) Xiaomi Technology Co-Founder & Former Vice President, Mr. K K Wong
Beyond Ventures Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Mr. Lap Man
MindWorks Ventures Founding Partner, Mr. David Chang
Cyberport Investors Network Steering Group Chairman & Radiant Venture Capital Co-founder and Managing Director, Mr. Duncan Chiu (Moderator)
13:00 – 14:15 Networking Lunch / Digital Tech Solution Showcase
14:15 – 14:45 Panel Discussion 5: From Start-up to Scale-up in Fintech OurCrowd Managing Partner, Mr. Denes Ban
Click Ventures Founder and Managing Partner, Ms Carman Chan
Welab Founder&CEO, Mr. Simon Loong
TNG FinTech Group Founder and chairman, Mr.Alex Kong
Zhong An Insurance CEO, Mr.Jeffrey Chen (Invited)
AWS Financial Services Representative (Invited)
Deloitte China 
Partner & National Leader of IT Advisory and Assurance Services, Cyberport Advisory Panel Member, Mr. Peter Koo (Moderator)
14:45 – 15:15 Investor – Investee Dialogue: Smart City/Smart Living Mizuho Securities Asia (Personal Investor) Executive Director, Mr Takaku Masanori
Find Solution Ai Founder & CEO,  Ms Viola Lam
Cyberport CIO (TBC)
15:30 – 16:30 Parallel Pitching Sessions  AI/Big Data/IoT/Fintech/Blockchain/Smart Lifestyle/Digital Tech Solution Showcase & Networking
16:30 – 18:00 Investor Matching

  • Dr. Toa Charm
    Dr. Toa Charm Chief Public Mission Officer, Hong Kong Cyberport
  • Gallen  Leung
    Gallen Leung Senior Manager, Incubation Programmes at HKSTP
  • Zhixing Zheng
    Zhixing Zheng Senior Software Engineer, Consensys
  • 戴维
    戴维 Saito创始人
  • Lin Cong
    Lin Cong Venture partner of Roots Capital
  • Johnson Zhang
    Johnson Zhang CEO of Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone "Block Chain+"Financial Technology Industry Incubation Center
  • Peter Mok
    Peter Mok Head, Incubation Programmes at HKSTP
  • Alex Yan
    Alex Yan Chief Representative of South China, Qiming Venture Partners
  • Amia Liu
    Amia Liu VP of China Merchants Startup Internet Investment Management CO., Ltd
  • Ray Liang
    Ray Liang HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited, Branch Manager Shenzhen
  • Wang Jinjing
    Wang Jinjing Managing Partner of Shenzhen China Merchants Startup Capital (Limited Partnership)
  • Mr. Zheng Yigang
    Mr. Zheng Yigang General Manager of SPD Silicon Valley Bank (‘SSVB’), Shenzhen Branch
  • Kelly Liu
    Kelly Liu Partner at WestSummit Capital
  • Sophie Yao
    Sophie Yao China Regional General Manager, Fenox Venture Capital
  • Sun Lihua
    Sun Lihua Founder of Decent
  • Jason Sun
    Jason Sun Director of Internal Operations, Hong Kong X-Tech Startup Platform / X Technology Fund
  • Duncan Chiu
    Duncan Chiu Co-Founder & Managing Director, Radiant Venture Capital
  • Alvin Lam
    Alvin Lam T12M Ventures, Managing partner
  • Sam Wong
    Sam Wong General Manager, Tuspark Hong Kong
  • Mingles Tsoi
    Mingles Tsoi CXO, ParticleX
  • Jade Liao
    Jade Liao Investment Manager, Beyond Ventures
  • Jack Liu
    Jack Liu Managing Director of Asia, Circle
  • Gavenraj Sodhi
    Gavenraj Sodhi CEO of | Solbit Group
  • Dai-Kyu Kim
    Dai-Kyu Kim Senior Advisor, Strategic Partnerships of Fantom Foundation
  • Ray Qu
    Ray Qu CEO & Co-founder of Energo Labs
  • Hope Liu
    Hope Liu CEO of Eximchain
  • Emi Yoshikawa
    Emi Yoshikawa Senior Director of Ripple
  • Sarah Zhang
    Sarah Zhang Founder of Points (PTS)
  • Lman Chu
    Lman Chu Co-founder & CEO of BiiLabs
  • Ray Valdes
    Ray Valdes Chief Transformation Officer of ConsenSys
  • Patrick Dai
    Patrick Dai Founder of Qtum Foundation
  • Edith Yeung
    Edith Yeung Partner of 500 Startups
  • Kevin Leung
    Kevin Leung Director at Vive X China & Israel, GM at Vive Shenzhen
  • Ye Daqing
    Ye Daqing Founder & CEO at Rong360
  • James Mi
    James Mi Co-founder & Partner at Lightspeed China Partners
  • Zhang Peng
    Zhang Peng CSO at Ur Work
  • Zhang Bo
    Zhang Bo Deputy Leader of “Internet+” at CITIC, Deputy GM of IT Management at CITIC
  • Atli Mar Sveinsson
    Atli Mar Sveinsson Co-founder & CEO at Directive GAMES
  • Adrian Lee
    Adrian Lee Managing Partner at Convergence Ventures,Adrian Lee
  • Yang Qingxiong
    Yang Qingxiong VP of Engineering at JingChi Corp
  • Li Zheng
    Li Zheng CFO at Zenmen Technology, Global Rotating President & CFO at LinkSure Global
  • Catherine Lu
    Catherine Lu News Anchor, Writer, Host (TechCrunch Shanghai Special MC)
  • Weihan Liew
    Weihan Liew CEO at Mainspring Technology
  • Lu Yiying
    Lu Yiying Bilingual (English & Chinese) Artist
  • JP Gan
    JP Gan Managing Partner at QIMING VENTURE PARTNERS
  • Christian Lee
    Christian Lee Managing Director at WeWork Asia
  • Jenny Wu
    Jenny Wu Managing Partner at Baidu Capital
  • Theresa Teng
    Theresa Teng Partner at Silverlink Capital
  • Jacob Kragh
    Jacob Kragh GM at LEGO China
  • Leo Zhu
    Leo Zhu Founder & CEO at YITU Tech
  • Zhou Yunkai
    Zhou Yunkai Co-founder & CTO at
  • Hu Ning
    Hu Ning CTO of Business Division at 360
  • Li Wenlei
    Li Wenlei Chief Technical Expert at Epic Games China
  • Jackson Zhang
    Jackson Zhang Founder & CEO at Zhuohua
  • Vern Chen
    Vern Chen GM of Sharing Fish Division at Alibaba, Founder at Sharing Fish
  • Donovan Sung
    Donovan Sung Director of Product and Marketing at Xiaomi Global
  • Izzy Zhu
    Izzy Zhu VP, User Development at NIO
  • Lu Gang
    Lu Gang Founder & CEO at TechNode ,Head of TechCrunch China
  • Joey Hinson
    Joey Hinson Operating Director at TechCrunch, AOL Tech & Engadget
  • Peter Zou
    Peter Zou Co-founder & CEO at Yeahmobi
  • Zhou Guang
    Zhou Guang Co-founder at
  • Matt Cheng
    Matt Cheng Founding partner at Cherubic Ventures
  • Zhang Suyang
    Zhang Suyang Founding partner at Volcanics Venture
  • Xu Xian
    Xu Xian SVP at Whaley VR
  • Wang Yu
    Wang Yu Co-founder & CEO at Tantan
  • Wang Yi
    Wang Yi Founder & CEO at Liulishuo
  • Qiu Hui
    Qiu Hui CTO at Youxin Group
  • Lu Jian
    Lu Jian Partner at Hujiang EdTech, CEO at CCtalk
  • Bessie Lee
    Bessie Lee Founder & CEO of Withinlink
  • Victor Cui
    Victor Cui CEO at ONE Championship
  • Ji Shisan
    Ji Shisan CEO at, Founder at
  • Grant Horsfield
    Grant Horsfield Founder & Chairman at naked Group
  • Chen Ziling
    Chen Ziling Founder & CEO at Bingobox
  • Chen Lei
    Chen Lei CTO at pinduoduo
  • Chen Haibo
    Chen Haibo Founder & CEO at DeepBlue

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