The last TechCrunch International City Event Hangzhou left us a very obvious point: the method of providing negotiating chances to startups with venture capitals is so limited. The VC Meetup we built 4 years ago, met the efficiency and demands in the same end, it probably is a better way to solve the problem. We have witnessed thousands startups having great chats with investment institution at the former VC Meetup event. More than dozens of the startups got raised, such as,, Pyyx, etc. They talked about their products, future funding possibilities, and the prospects of their industry. This time in Hangzhou , we’re going to do it all over again, but with even more VCs than last time in Shanghai. To win a chance for chatting with more than 100 VCs, come and meet us at TechCrunch Hangzhou 2018!


  • Entrepreneurs can engage uninterrupted with VCs during one-on-one sessions.
  • Entrepreneurs can connect meaningfully with relevant VCs pertaining to their solutions and industries.
  • During the registration process, make sure you don’t forget to upload your business plan or introduction, so we can share this with our VCs before or after the event.
  • Every startup will have 10 minutes to chat with a single VC with a maximum of three VCs. If you’ve talked with three, you can line up again for another chance.
  • Startups must bring their own computer or display equipment to the event. We will not provide these devices for your demonstration.

Detail and Information

2nd July, 2018 Afternoon: 13:30-16:30 (incl. Blockchain session)

3rd July, 2018 Afternoon: 13:30-16:30

VC Requirements:

Focus on TMT

Startups Demands:

Ticket for TechCrunch Hangzhou 2018;
Register on VC Meetup page before the event;
TMT Startup

VC Meetup Pro

We make meeting VC fast and efficient, and this time we’re adding one more adjective to this much anticipated event: focussed.

At our smaller VC Meetup Pro, we will facilitate deeper discussions between VCs and startups who have garnered good feedback during the public sessions


Any firm who’d like to occupy a seat and a booth in the Pro, should have already confirmed to attend VC Meetup. Each firm who will attend both, will have 3 cards to endow 3 startups, who left impressive impression to them in VC Meetup, the right to enter the VC Meetup Pro.

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