TechCrunch & TechNode Media Day

Date: 17th June 15:00-17:00

Location: RocketSpace, Inc. (China), 38th Floor, Shenzhen Bay VC & PE Tower

The purpose of TechCrunch & TechNode Media Day is to serve for start-ups, provide them a valuable opportunity to communicate with top-class tech-media. This time, not only the TechNode journalists will attend this Media day but also the journalists from TechCrunch come to feel the passion of the start-up in China. This is also the first Media Day of TechCrunch in China.

Attendee: Exhibitors and other startup teams on the TechCrunch Shenzhen Summit

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Startup Grind Hosts Discussing Global Connectivity for Startups

Date: 17th June 18:00

Location: RocketSpace, Inc. (China), 38th Floor, Shenzhen Bay VC & PE Tower

About this event: In June, Startup Grind Shenzhen is partnering with TechCrunch China and TechNode to host an exclusive event with Allan Chou (CMO of RocketSpace China).Sign up:

Shenzhen Innovation Tour


Date:Jun 21, 2017,09:00-21:00


It’s very hard to see the places where innovation actually happens. The interesting work takes place in labs behind locked doors and in conference rooms that require clearance to enter. On June 21st, TechCrunch China and TechNode Innovation Tour will offer you a chance to find out the leading innovation booming in Shenzhen. For more detail, please contact Will:


The innovation hardware meet-up by TechCrunch x SVV x Indiegogo

Date:14:30-17:00 of 21th ,June

Location:NO.5 Zowee technology building ,Science & Technology industrial park of privately owned enterprises, Pingshan, Xili, Nanshan district, Shenzhen

TechCrunch x SVV x Indiegogo work together to make a different innovation hardware salon on 21th,June , Lets talk with some experienced Co-founders of hardware startup , they will talk about their unusual stories,share the difficulty what they crossed , and  chat with some world-level brand’s technical header , share the experience how to make the best hardware products ?

And also have the meetup of the product what raised money more than 100 million USD for crowdfunding, How to promote the product to global market? How to make a successful crowdfunding?

In addition, We will do help the startup to have the chance to face to face discuss with IDH , factories , VC capital and crowdfunding.


14:30-17:00 The innovation hardware Salon

18:00-20:00 Meetup with IDH , factories ,and crowdfunding