2017 TechCrunch Shenzhen Hackathon Reviews

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Last November, we witnessed the impressive success of TechCrunch Beijing held at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. Modeled on the Silicon Valley style of events, TechCrunch returns to China in June 2017, this time in Shenzhen. As a warmup to the main event, TechNode and TechCruch are organizing a Hackathon.

Hackathons have been a mainstay for TechCrunch Disrupt since they were first started. Each team has 24 hours to complete product design and development. As judges, we have invited some of the top names in the industry who will decide and present the special awards.


Ownership and Intellectual Property Right
Everything made during the hackathon is the sole property of the creators. Ownership and IP rights all rest their hands.

All participants must sign a non-disclosure agreement for the APIs at the Hackathon.

Both individual participants and teams are acceptable. Teams are limited to 5 members.

You should run your product and present it to the public. If you do not finish your presentation, don’t worry! Just try your best.

The jury of Hackathon consists of experts and the delegates from the sponsors. At the end of Hackathon, the jury will consider the performance of each team during the whole competition period. Awards include the Grand Prize, Most Innovative Product, Most Valuable Product, and Most Complete Product.


We suggest that participants have 3-5 members on a team. However, if you think you have sufficient capacity to be both a front-end engineer and a developer, individual participants are also accepted. Registration information should include division of the work, name list, and an introduction of your product.

While you can bring a mature idea to the Hackathon, we do not allow a semi-finished or finished product to enter the competition.

If you don’t have a team, note down on your registration which role you would like to play and we can help to build a team with other individuals.

NOW – Jun 15

Jun 9 – Jun 16

Log in at the official event page and finish the registration. Teams that pass the qualification assessment may access the Hackathon in Shenzhen. The jury will finalize the winners through the evaluation and assessment of their performance during the competition.

Jun 17 – Jun 18

We will assess the projects which presented and developed by our competitors,the top ten teams will be awarded.


1.Every one gets Two-day TechCrunch 2017 International City Event-Shenzhen ticket if their program could be submitted successfully

2.TechCrunch 2017 Internation City Event-Shenzhen Hackathon certificate of honor.

3.Sponsor souvenir T-shirt

4. Top 1-3 Team: one of PlayStation VR, Ninebot One C+ and HHKB Keyboard

Top 4-10 Team will gain one of other rewards such as SONY MDR-XB950N1, JBL Bluetooth speaker, Kindle paperwhite 3 and so on.

Dianrong & Mobike, the Blockchain Task

Topic: innovative application of blockchain

Blockchain technology, with its distributed cloud storage and unbreakable smart contracts, could be the future! Dianrong’s blockchain lab has developed a Blockchain as a Service platform (BAAS). Together with Mobike, the leader in bike-sharing economy, we invite you to explore applications of blockchain technology in sharing economy. Dianrong’s top blockchain scientists would guide you through the development process. Each team will have the chance of presenting their prototype and win fabulous rewards!

Task statement:

Based on Dianrong’s BAAS platform, apply blockchain technology on Mobike scenarios and develop innovative functionalities and applications.

Example solutions:

(1)How to enable blockchain scenarios to verify the state of health of riders, and correlate this information to a physically intensive service such as Mobike.

(2)Imagine a system where Mobike is no longer doing B2P (business to peer), but rather P2P (peer to peer), where users can buy their own bikes and invest in other bikes to get returns. How to use blockchain to achieve this?

( 3 ) How to make the maintenance state of bikes transparent to all users using blockchain so that everyone is riding the best conditioned bike as possible?

(4)How to build a distributed decentralized credit service using blockchain where Mobike behaviours, good and bad, are recorded into the system to be used by any other institutions joining the system.

(5)Mobike recently released coupons. How to make generic coupons issued by Mobike that can be applied anywhere? Any vendors taking this coupon would need to pay Mobike for lead generation.

(6) A stamping system using blockchain that provides permission mechanism to different data (such as Mobike or Dianrong’s data) and protect data from those who do not have access to it.

(7)How to use blockchain to achieve the storage, retrieval, and authentication of borrower contracts?

(8)How can Dianrong investors become investors of Mobike? (related to question 2)

(9)How can blockchain strengthen the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for Dianrong or any other institutions?

(10)Explore other use cases that can innovatively use BaaS and Mobike API

Assessment standard:

Business value: if the solution brings enhanced or new business value

Impact: the potential impact the solution brings

Creativity: Creativity of the solution

User experience: if the solution gives a better and smoother user experience

Presentation: if the team has presented their solution logically and clearly

Technology: degree of usage of BaaS and Mobike API. Using BaaS is a must. Can product operate on Mobike APP?

Completeness: if the solution can operate smoothly

Design: product design, interface, and user experience

Technical resource:

A. BaaS Java SDK

B. Sample blockchain application

C. Mobike APP API

Task Reward:

1.The winning team would receive 2 Apple watches and 2 Ipad (128G)

2.All participating team of this topic would receive a Dianrong mafia T-shirt or hoodie

Meet Magento Association Task

About Meet magento

Magento (https://magento.com/) is the world’s commerce platform #1. The eco-system around Magento is driven by more than 150.000 developers, 250.000 online shops and more than 300 technology and solution partners. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a billion dollar company – Magento shop system fits them all. One of the secrets behind its success is Magento’s open source spirit and the dedication of a multinational team at Magento Inc. The eco-system and its communities are supported and driven by the Meet Magento Association (http://meet-magento.com/) in nearly every country in the world. The independently working non-profit- organization helps businesses to go global, enables innovation around the globe, connects people and provides unique market insights and knowledge. Magento and Meet Magento Association are now together in China. Join an extraordinary world in e-commerce – wherever you go, you will be with friends.


1. Friendship of Magento 2 with Social Media Features, Example WeChat and WePay

Documentation and Reference API:
Magento 2.1 Developer Documentation:http://devdocs.magento.com/

Wechat Open Platform:

WeChat Pay:

2. Teach Magento 2 E-Commerce Platform work with Marketplaces, Example Alibaba

Documentation and Reference API:

Magento 2.1 Developer Documentation:


Alibaba Open Platform:


Developer Language: PHP & Javascript


1. Place:
Listing and Promotion as official Magento Contributor on all Channels
Conference Tickets for Meet Magento Shenzhen 2017
Conference Tickets for Meet Magento Germany 2018 (incl. Hotel Accommodation) or Conference Tickets for Magento Live Australia 2018 (Worth each $500)
1 Apple Watch

2. Place:
Listing and Promotion as official Magento Contributor on all Channels
Conference Tickets for Meet Magento Shenzhen 2017

3. Place:
Conference Tickets for Meet Magento Shenzhen 2017

Robots Loomo task

Robots Loomo Task

About Robots Loomo:

Designed by Segway robotic team, Loomo is a programmable, movable, expandable and brand-new universal robot based on Android. Its developer edition is aimed to establish a comprehensive, stable and convenient robotic developer studio.

The chassis of Loomo is a balance bike with outstanding ability of commuting and moving, suitable for many kinds of complex ground scenes within and without. Loomo has embedded a new generation of camera called RealSense with depth perception designed by Intel, as well as Intel Atom processors, movement tracking module with high- precision, 4+1 microphone arrays, mechanical image stabilization system, electric touch control system, ultrasonic obstacle detection sensor and other devices.

Loomo has embedded a world-leading AI arithmetic module. Cooperated with Intel, the research and development team of Segway has developed a navigation algorithm with a multi-sensor fusion and an ultra-high precision as well as a human-centric robot visual perception and interaction systems. Those devices have most advanced visual module for detection, tracking and recognition. The developer edition of Loomo provides developers with software development kits and hardware expansion slot. Developers could develop creative and practicable applications by freely invoking Loomo’s vision, navigation, voice, connection, interaction and hardware expansion functional modules.

Task statements:

Task for Challenges: Entertainment Robot

Platform Requirements: Android5.1 and above

Aimed Clients: robots customers

Subjects of Challenges: to exploit an application for robot entertainment, a game or a functional APP, aiming at recreating and based on existing SDK.

Experience of Results: to go on on-site DEMO based on application of Loomo.

Judging  Criteria:

Originality: The entries should combine the characteristics of robotic products and have creativity.

User Experience: When using the products, do users have experience of logical using of composite users.

Fun: To some extent, the entries should have the playability.

Practicability: The entries should have the practicability in real life

Technical Difficulty: Technical difficulty required by products

Completion:The effect of on-site demonstration of Demo

Resources for setup and getting started:

Every user could download and study the technical documents related to SDK through the specific SSO for developer. (http://cn.segwayrobotics.com/developer)

The discussion on Loomo’s official forum and the engineers are online to answer.

Loomo Rewards

1. The first prize: Champion will gain RMB 3000 and Ninebot One C+*1.
2. Every task participants will get a T-shirt designed by Hack Marathon of Robot Loomo.
3. The publicity of Loomo’s first batch of members conducting alpha test

Hardware Support

Ruff OS 

Ruff is a JavaScript-based IoT operating system
Ruff OS is an operating system that supports JavaScript for developing IoT applications. It makes embedded coding easy and more efficient by providing HAL, asynchronous I/O, and event-driven programming. Besides using JavaScript, Ruff also has its own software repository; from modules to drivers, it improves compatibility and minimize the difficulty getting started with hardware development.


We provide open source hardware sponsored by Ruff.