As part of the startup community, we want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to fulfull their dreams. That’s why we’re holding a startup competition at the 2017 TechCrunch International Innovation Summit in Shanghai.

We’re inviting startup teams from all the world to show us what they got. We are also inviting successful CEOs, founders, and VCs to give competitors advice and guidance on how to get your startup ready to hit the ground running.

Competition notes

Who can join?

Tech, media, and telecommunications startups
Startups who have not yet received Series A funding will be given priority

What we’re looking for:

Innovative products, new ways of tackling solution, No “Copy to China”
Software and intelligent hardware
Companies that have little to no media exposure

Registration and benefits for shortlisted companies:

  • 2 VIP tickets valid for 2 days
  • Finalist companies receive:
    • Presentation on TC stage to audience, media, and VCs
    • Professional analysis from experienced entrepreneurs and investors
    • Interviews from TechCrunch and TechNode
    • Free booth
    • For more information on awards, see below.

The purchase of a Startup Alley booth and startup competition’s free booth are separate. If you already purchased a booth but are accepted as a finalist, we will refund the cost of th booth.
Free tickets for competition and booth can be used twice.

Competition schedule

1.Domestic online audition

August 14th to October 10th 2017
Register through the Shanghai TechCrunch website
The judging panel will select 15 companies


September 17th – October 20th 2017
Offline at four cities and the interntaional online audition (register here)
3 from each city and the international online audtion will be selected


November 27th
Top 5 companies will be selected


November 28th on the TC Main Stage
Finalist will demo their products and judges will decide winners.

5.Awards ceremony

November 28th on the TC Main Stage



The top five finalists will be awarded with Interest-free convertible debt bonds, totaling RMB 2 million.

The first place: RMB 1 million
The second place: RMB 500,000
The third place:RMB 300,000
The fouth and fifth place:RMB 100,000 each
Please note:

  1. GobiVC provides the convertible currency in RMB under the law and the government’s Foreign Exchange policies. (Overseas companies might not be eligible for convertible bonds.)
  2. Gobi VC will sign an agreement with the awardees that the VC will not estimate the valuation and pricing of the companies, which are to be decided by the future investors in the next round if the companiesever file.
  3. Gobi VC holds the final say for investing decisions.


  • Company must be in Seed or Angel phase
  • No fewer than 2 members on the founding team with at least 1 working on the project full-time
  • Detailed business plan in PDF or PPT

 Project types:

  • CITIC supports and incubates projects that focus on high-tech fields, including: AI, robotics, big data, networking, smart healthcare, smart agriculture, smart city, finance, science and technology creative, TMT, new materials, environmental science and technology, new retail and other industries.


  • Financial support
    • 500k to 1m RMB
    • Free office space for 6 months
    • CITIC cloud service worth 50k RMB
  • Business opportunities
    • Introduction to potential partners and customers in the CITIC network
  • Mentorship
    • Access to high-quality third party services and consulting, including legal, financial, and recruitment
    • Mentroship and advice from CITIC executives and experts
  • Capital services
    • Introduction to top investment insitutions
    • Shortened financing time
    • No financing or service fees

Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund is a not-for-profit initiative launched by Alibaba Group in 2015. Their mission is to help Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs and young people realize their dreams and visions for their businesses and communities, and to foster the entrepreneurial spirit amongst young people. Gobi Partners is an independent investment manager for this HK $1 billion fund.


The eligible outstanding projects in the competition will be given the priority investment opportunity by AEF. (Gobi Venture Capital reserves all rights for investment decisions and final explanations)

Investment Criteria

  1. Hong Kong Nexus
  • A majority of business founders are Hong Kong permanent residents; or
  • The meaningful operations of the company are carried out in Hong Kong;
  1. Potential to grow and expand to other markets
  • Your business has moved beyond the brainstorming phase and has customers or a prototype or a viable product; or
  • Your company possesses innovative and unique business ideas that are scalable, financially viable and have high potential to grow, preferably by utilizing resources from the Alibaba ecosystem; or
  • Your business is disruptive to an existing industry or has the potential to create efficiencies or deliver enhanced user experiences

Industry Focus (including but not limited to):

  • Big Data
  • Cleantech
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Internet of Things
  • Logistics
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Software & Security

1.Flight&Accommodation for the winner(Two persons)
2.Two free tickets in Techsauce Global Summit 2018
3.Free booth in Techsauce Global Summit 2018
4.Chance to win a prize in finale pitching event in Techsauce Global Summit 2018 and more

 More awards are coming. Stay tuned for more info!

Competition area

Integrated Services Area

Software development、Advertising、employment、Cloud service、Date service、Enterprise security、Commercial real estate leasing、Entrepreneurship service、Agricultural Service、early education、K12、Higher Education、Vocational skills training、education information、Language learning、Study abroad service、Interest education、Teaching aid、Quick delivery、Logistics platform、Freight logistics、Cross-border Logistics、Special logistics、Warehousing service、Housekeeping service、Marriage service、Nursing services

Cultural creativity

Film production and distribution、 Television production and distribution、 Film projection、Outdoor print advertisement、Building TV、LED mobile television、Advertising agency 、Advertisement、Media purchase、Cultural communication、game、cartoon、music

Medical health

Medical equipment, medical information, genetic testing, fitness and in vitro diagnosis, medical imaging, drug retail chain specialist, and big data, wearable devices, AI medical, intelligent diagnosis, SaaS, intelligent medical equipment, rehabilitation medical institutions, VR

Life and consumption upgrade

Living information, consumer Booking,Take-out food、Recipes、Cosmetology and Manicure、Disposal of goods、Life style、Personal care products、Home care products、Trip vehicle、Automobile trading, Automobile information, Public transportation, Travel assistance, Driving School Training, Property Information, Furniture, Building Materials

The Internet Finance

Electronic Payment, C2C, B2B, B2C, Crowd-funding, P2P Net Loan, Third Party Payment, Digital Currency, Big Data Finance,Information Financial Institution、Financial Portal

Intelligent hardware

Smart home Appliances, Wearable Devices, Intelligent Health, Intelligent Accessories, Intelligent Mother and Baby Equipment, Robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, VR/AR, Mobile Phones,Tablet , Intelligent Travel

Startup Competition Q&A

Find the result

Make sure you leave the right Email Address and Phone number.
You will receive our confirmation email in time.

After pass the first selection

After our confirmation,please prepare your product and PPT.Several rehearsals would be arrange by our staff for ensure the best effection.

How to Contact

Any other questions, please email to, and marked [consulting]. We would feed back in 24 hours.

How to apply the booth

Finalist company enjoys a booth for free in 2 days.
Login in for applying.

Competition Juries


If you have any questions, please send it to We will process your problems as soon as possible


Project Time Registration period Location Information
Shenzhen Sep. 17th Aug. 7th to Sep. 12nd Shenzhen Sign up online. 15 companies give live demo. 3 move on to Semifinals
Chengdu Sep. 19th Aug. 7th to Sep. 13rd Chengdu Sign up online. 15 companies give live demo. 3 move on to Semifinals
Beijing Sep. 24th Aug. 7th to Sep. 18th Beijing Sign up online. 15 companies give live demo. 3 move on to Semifinals
Shanghai Oct. 20th Aug. 7th to Oct. 14th Shanghai Sign up online. 15 companies give live demo. 3 move on to Semifinals
Online International Competetition Oct. 20th Aug. 7th to Oct. 14th Shanghai Sign up online. 15 companies give live demo. 3 move on to Semifinals
online additional competition Nov. 20th Oct. 25th-Nov. 17th Online Sign up online. 15 companies give live demo. 3 move on to Semifinals
Semi-final Nov.26th TechCrunch Side Stage Select the top 5
Finals Nov.28th TechCrunch Main Stage Rank the top 5 companies and present awards



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