VR/AR Summit

VR/AR Summit

On 29th June, we will bring you the best team of VR/AR from Asian together with Formation Group at VR/AR Summit, to find out the combination of technology and innovation.


  • David Cole
    David Cole CEO, NextVR
  • Brian Koo
    Brian Koo Managing Partner, Formation Group
  • Gang Lu
    Gang Lu Founder of Technode/ CEO of Techcrunch China
  • Andy Zhang
    Andy Zhang VP of Business Development at uSens
  • Chunyuan Liao
    Chunyuan Liao Founder and CEO at HiScene
  • Thomas Huang
    Thomas Huang Founder & CEO at 7invensun
  • Edith Yeung
    Edith Yeung General Partner at 500 Startups
    MARCO DEMIROZ General Partner at the VR Fund
  • Justin Cooney
    Justin Cooney Director of OSVR Developer Relations
  • Yongseok Jang
    Yongseok Jang CJ Corporation, Head of Strategy Planning Division

At the end of January 2014, the co-Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg visited a startup company called Oculus VR at Irvine, South California. Then Zuckerberg bid $2 billion for this new startup. “Your know, this is the future” so said by the Zuckerberg when he wore the Oculus helmet for the first time.
29th June 2016, TechCrunch VR/AR Summit will gather the top VR/AR equipment manufacturers, content providers and the leading VR/AR companies to Shanghai, and the Summit will present you the current VR layout and the trend of future products.
Virtual Reality (“VR”) hardware & software market is expected to grow to US$70bn by 2020, a tenfold increase from US$6.7bn today. Mobile is expected to lead the mass consumer adoption for VR, accounting for ~78% of VR consumer market in 2016.


1. Content Venture In fact, from the very beginning a lot of people know that the largest shortage of virtual reality is lack of content; therefore, Oculus, leader of virtual reality industry built up its own content studio at early stage.It was learned that, there are two categories of content venture at this moment: Game and 360-degree panoramic video.
2. Virtual Entertainment Center Virtual Entertainment Center is the most popular way to promote about VR,which also attractive the Venture Capital recent years. It is understood that the two leading brand offline VR entertainment product: the Void (US) and Zero Latency (AUS), both proposed their own concept of virtual entertainment center. The TechCrunch VR/AR Summit will present you the top VR Company and their latest product to the scene.
If you focus on VR content aggregation platform, welcome to the Asian’s most influential event-TechCrunch VR/AR Summit on 29th June.

Strategic Partner

Formation VR is a global platform focus on VR content entertainment products manufacture and manage