VC Meetup

Introduction of VC Meet-up

After more than half year waiting, TechCrunch City event will return on this June in Shanghai. As one of the most popular part of TechCrunch China City Event. We will gather tens of those famous venture capitals to the event and welcome every entrepreneur to join us. As usual, the VC Meetup will give every entrepreneur 10 mins to chat with each investor about their programs or productions. We are right here waiting those wise investors and entrepreneur who are full of potential and energy to accomplish this VC Meetup.

Rules of VC Meet up

1.Registration priod: Now to June 24th, entrepreneur should upload your BP or Introduction file during signing up (ppt/pdf), you will receive an official confirm email after your registration.

2.During June 27th – June 29th, please show up around the venue on time and each conversation between startups and VC should less than 10 mins. Anyone who wants to chat with another investor, please stay in line again to wait another round.

3.Startups should bring their own equipment to display their files, the event would not prepare the display devices.

Information of the event


13:30-16:30, June 27th

13:30-16:30, June 28th

10:00-12:00, June 29th (Foreign Startups Session)

13:30-17:30, June 29th (Technode and China Renaissance Alpha VC Meetup Special Session)


TechCrunch 2016 International City Event – Shanghai, Westbond

Requires for VC

  • Tile should be above Investment Director
  • Focus on TMT

Entrepreneur Sign up:

  • After successfully signing up, tickets of TechCrunch Shanghai should also be indispensable.
  • There will be several guidance in the venue, please follow the guidance to reach the VC Meetup on June 27th and 29th .

Former Review

VC Meet up has already bridged more than 1000 startups to over 200 investors since August 2014. People share their ideas and opinions on this unique platform, even some one got funded at last.

TechCrunc 2015 Beijing VC Meetup      ChinaBang Awards 2016 VC Meetup

Venture Capitals 70+                                 Venture Capitals 60+

Startups 300+                                             Startups 500+

Part of Venture Capitals


June 27th 13:30 – 16:30 Investment preference June 28th 13:30 – 16:30 Investment preference
SBCVC B2B、O2O、E-commerce、Smart Hardware、FinTech、loT、Cloud Computing、 Cherubic Ventures  Smart Hardware、FinTech、VR/AR
Ameba Capital TMT、E-commerce、SNS ZhenFund O2O、FinTech、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、VR/AR
FunCtion B2B、O2O、FinTech、Internet Entertainment Redpoint Ventures B2B、FinTech、loT、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
GSR Ventures Smart Hardware、IoT、Cloud Computing COCO Space B2B、FinTech、Internet Med、Cloud Computing
BANYAN Capital E-commerce、FinTech、loT、Internet Entertainment、 InnoSpace B2B、FinTech、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、
China Renaissance Alpha B2B、E-commerce、Internet Med、Cloud Computing、 YUNQI PARTNERS Smart Hardware
Cheers Capital Partners B2B、Smart Hardware、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR INNOVATION PARK B2B、E-commerce、Smart Hardware、VR/AR
Vertex Ventures Smart Hardware、FinTech、loT、Internet Med、Cloud Computing、VR/AR MI Smart Hardware、FinTech、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
INNOVATION ANGEL FUND O2O、E-commerce、FinTech、loT、Internet Med、Cloud Computing、 Z&H INVESTMENT B2B、Enterprise Service、agriculture、E-commerce、FinTech、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、IoT、Projects related to the women
Hanwha DreamPlus O2O、E-commerce、FinTech、loT WI Harper Group B2B、Smart Hardware、loT、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
Dragonrise Capital B2B、Smart Hardware、Internet Entertainment、VR/AR CSFV B2B、Smart Hardware、loT、Fintech、Internet Med、VR/AR
FinPlus FinTech Fund FinTech、 PUHUA CAPITAL Internet Med、Health
Cowinvc B2B、Smart Hardware、loT、Cloud Computing、 Zhiyi VC O2O、E-commerce、FinTech、
Lenovo loT、VR/AR YINXINGGU CAPITAL Smart Hardware、loT、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
HG Fund Entertainment、Video Game, Military Industry Cloud Angel Fund B2B、Smart Hardware、FinTech、loT、Cloud Computing、
23Seed E-commerce、Smart Hardware、FinTech、loT、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR YongHua Capital B2B、Agriculture、FinTech
JAIC B2B、E-commerce、Internet Med、Cloud Computing CAPITAL NUTS B2B、E-commerce、Smart Hardware、FinTech、VR/AR
GSUM B2B、E-commerce、Smart Hardware、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、 Sardine Capital FinTech、Internet Med、
GOBI Partners New Agriculture、Smart Hardware、Internet Med Cheetah Mobile Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
Chenxu Capital B2B、O2O、E-commerce、Smart Hardware、loT、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR Adamobile Solutions Networks B2B、O2O、E-commerce、FinTech、Internet Med
Cybernaut B2B、E-commerce、FinTech、loT、Cloud Computing、 Ruvento Ventures (Singapore) Smart Hardware、loT、VR/AR
atwork E-commerce、Smart Hardware、FinTech、loT、VR/AR Vision Creator E-commerce、Smart Hardware、FinTech、loT、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
ATOM VENTURES O2O、Internet Entertainment KeyTone Ventures B2B、E-commerce、Smart Hardware、FinTech、loT、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
Toread O2O、E-commerce、Internet Entertainment、 i Research Capital B2B、Fintech、Internet Entertainment、VR/AR
Innovation Angel Funds & Atworks B2B、O2O、E-commerce、Smart Hardware、loT、Internet Entertainment、 LEADIPO Fintech、Smart Hardware、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing
Caitong Capital B2B、Smart Hardware、IoT、AR/VR SuHeHui B2B、O2O、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment
Triumph Capital FinTech 01VC B2B、E-commerce、 Internet Entertainment、VR/AR
Focus Tech Ventures B2B、O2O、Smart Hardware、Fintech、IoT、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、VR/AR Panda VC Fund B2B、O2O、Smart Hardware、E-commerce、FinTech、Internet Med、Fintech、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
Cisco B2B、IoT、Cloud Computing Youku/CRCM VC Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR、Internet med
Media Dream Works B2B、E-commerce、Internet Entertainment、VR/AR TEAM-ZONE B2B、IoT、VR/AR
Blue Lake Capital B2B、O2O、E-commerce、IoT、Cloud Computing 360 Total Security Smart Hardware、FinTech、IoT、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
3W Fund O2O、Smart Hardware、IoT、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR Shanda Smart Hardware、Fintech、VR/AR

10:00-11:00, June 29th

GOBI Partners New Agriculture、Smart Hardware、Internet Med
Ameba Capital TMT、E-commerce、SNS
ZhenFund O2O、FinTech、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、VR/AR
China Renaissance Alpha B2B、E-commerce、Internet Med、Cloud Computing、
GSR Ventures Smart Hardware、IoT、Cloud Computing
Cherubic Ventures  Smart Hardware、FinTech、VR/AR
Cheers Capital Partners B2B、Smart Hardware、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
JAIC B2B、E-commerce、Internet Med、Cloud Computing
HG Fund FinTech、Internet Entertainment、VR/AR
FinPlus FinTech Fund FinTech、
Cowinvc B2B、Smart Hardware、loT、Cloud Computing、
Lenovo loT、VR/AR
23Seed E-commerce、Smart Hardware、FinTech、loT、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
Cheetah Mobile Internet Entertainment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
GSUM B2B、E-commerce、Smart Hardware、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、
Cybernaut B2B、E-commerce、FinTech、loT、Cloud Computing、
atwork E-commerce、Smart Hardware、FinTech、loT、VR/AR
ATOM VENTURES O2O、Internet Entertainment
Toread O2O、E-commerce、Internet Entertainment、
Innovation Angel Funds & Atworks B2B、O2O、E-commerce、Smart Hardware、loT、Internet Entertainment、
Innovation Angel Funds B2B、Smart Hardware、FinTech、Internet Med、
Z&H INVESTMENT B2B、Enterprise Service、agriculture、E-commerce、FinTech、Internet Med、Internet Entertainment、IoT、Projects related to the women
Zhiyi VC O2O、E-commerce、FinTech、
Ruvento Ventures (Singapore) Smart Hardware、loT、VR/AR
Hanwha DreamPlus O2O、E-commerce、FinTech、loT
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Pictures of VC Meetup