• Mark Pesce
    Mark Pesce Partner of Digital Growth Partnership & Co-Inventor of VRML
  • Thomas Huang
    Thomas Huang Founder & CEO at 7invensun
  • Celine Le Cotonnec
    Celine Le Cotonnec China Head of Connected Services, Digital and Mobility at PSA Peugeot Citroen
  • Michael Wong
    Michael Wong Co-founder and CEO of TouchPal
    MARCO DEMIROZ General Partner at the VR Fund
  • Natsuo Akazawa
    Natsuo Akazawa Co-founder at Plen2
  • Eugene Chung
    Eugene Chung Film Director & Founder at Penrose Studios
  • Matt Burns
    Matt Burns Senior Editor at TechCrunch
  • Dr. Nicky Lu
    Dr. Nicky Lu Chairman, CEO & Founder at Etron Technology, Chairman of TSIA, Academician of National Academy of Engineering
  • Zennon Kapron
    Zennon Kapron Founder & Director at Kapronasia
  • Jean Chen
    Jean Chen PR Director of iDriver Media
  • Minman Gu
    Minman Gu Managing Director at ZhenFund
  • Ying Wang
    Ying Wang Vice President at Uber, General Manager of Central China Uber
  • Justin Mallen
    Justin Mallen Founder & CEO at Silk Road Telecommunication
  • Ned Desmond
    Ned Desmond TechCrunch首席运营官
  • Louis Yang
    Louis Yang Co-founder & CEO at musical.ly
  • Edith Yeung
    Edith Yeung General Partner at 500 Startups
  • Weihong Chen
    Weihong Chen CFO at UNIMEDIA
  • Dan Hu
    Dan Hu Founder & CEO at Omni Prime
  • Andy Zhang
    Andy Zhang VP of Business Development at uSens
  • Herry Han
    Herry Han Partner at Lightspeed China Partners
  • Yi He
    Yi He Technology Vice President at YIXIA
  • Yan Yan
    Yan Yan Executive Director at SOHO CHINA
  • Chester Jung Seok Roh
    Chester Jung Seok Roh CSO at Reality Reflection
  • Benjamin Joffe
    Benjamin Joffe Partner at HAX
  • Ricky Ye
    Ricky Ye Founder & CEO at DFRobot
  • Haoyang Li
    Haoyang Li Founder&CEO at PYYX
  • Andrew Hong Teoh
    Andrew Hong Teoh Managing Partner at Ameba Capital
  • Brian Koo
    Brian Koo Managing Partner, Formation Group
  • Lan Zheng
    Lan Zheng Founder at Autobot Capital Partners 
  • Yongseok Jang
    Yongseok Jang CJ Corporation, Head of Strategy Planning Division
  • Shujun Huang
    Shujun Huang vipabc,VP & Chief Platform Officer
  • Peng Bin
    Peng Bin Founder & CEO at Xaircraft
  • David Cole
    David Cole CEO, NextVR
  • Wei Wu
    Wei Wu Designer, founder of Taike Guesthouse LabDesigner, founder of Taike Guesthouse Lab
  • Gang Lu
    Gang Lu Founder of Technode/ CEO of Techcrunch China
  • Mingfeng Chen
    Mingfeng Chen Partner at Shanda Capital
  • Huawei Kong
    Huawei Kong Chief scientist at ZJ Venture General
  • Markus Seidel
    Markus Seidel Vice President & Head at BMW Group Technology Office China
  • Megan Rose Dickey
    Megan Rose Dickey Reporter at TechCrunch
  • Amir Gal-Or
    Amir Gal-Or Founder & Managing Partner at Infinity Group
  • Hongwei Chen
    Hongwei Chen Executive Director at Tencent Investment
  • Allen Foo
    Allen Foo Founder at UCCVR
  • Kyle Ellicott
    Kyle Ellicott Chief Labs Officer and Co-Founder, Wearable IoT World and Wearable IoT World Labs
  • Nathan Li
    Nathan Li ARM中国区生态系统市场负责人
  • Alvin Wang Graylin
    Alvin Wang Graylin China Regional President of VR at HTC
  • Adam Najberg
    Adam Najberg 大疆创新全球传播总监
  • Jinyao Chen
    Jinyao Chen Co-Founder & CMO at Insta 360
  • Bobby Lee
    Bobby Lee Co-Founder & CEO at BTCC
  • Ryan Petersen
    Ryan Petersen Founder & CEO at  Flexport
  • Chi Jayson
    Chi Jayson Senior Advisor of McKinsey & Company
  • Justin Cooney
    Justin Cooney Director of OSVR Developer Relations
  • Meng Li
    Meng Li Founder & CEO at IMS New Media Business Group
  • Mengqiu Wang
    Mengqiu Wang Founder & CEO at Zero Zero Robotics
  • Dai Li
    Dai Li CEO at Letv VR
  • Yinliang Fan
    Yinliang Fan Investment Vice President at The Arena Capital
  • Michael Mao
    Michael Mao Yunqi Partners, Co-founder & Managing Partner
  • Xiaoqi Xue
    Xiaoqi Xue Senior Vice President & B&D Manager at Dianrong.com
  • Xiaojie Huang
    Xiaojie Huang CEO at Baofeng Mojing
  • Xuezhong Zeng
    Xuezhong Zeng EVP at ZTE & CEO at ZTE Mobile
  • Lucas Englehardt
    Lucas Englehardt Lucas Englehardt, Chairman & CEO at WaimaiChaoren
  • Feilong Zhao
    Feilong Zhao CEO at Mirrtalk
  • YI Duan
    YI Duan Founder & CEO at Fangdd.com
  • Mark RU
    Mark RU Vice President, Sogou Corporation
  • Eric Pan
    Eric Pan Founder & CEO at Seeed Studio
  • Ole Ruch
    Ole Ruch Managing Director at WeWork
  • Fan Zhang
    Fan Zhang Founder & CEO at Mioji
  • Blake Freeman
    Blake Freeman A former competitive gamer, is an actor, director, writer and producer of film.
  • William Bao Bean
    William Bao Bean Investment Partner SOSV & Managing Director at SOSV China
  • Esther Wong
    Esther Wong Director at Equity Capital Market in Bocom International
  • Chunyuan Liao
    Chunyuan Liao Founder and CEO at HiScene
  • Pinghe Zhang
    Pinghe Zhang Founder & CEO at SHiJiEBANG.COM