VC Meetup

Welcome to the VC Meetup of TechCrunch International City Event Beijing

In the last time TechCrunch, we witnessed so many successful companies find their chatting partners in VC Meetup, they talked about their products, future funding possibilities and even the prospect of the whole industry. This time in Beijing, we will do it all over again, but with more Venture Capitals than last time, to fulfill the eagerness of our Startups. To win a chance for chatting with more than 100 VCs, come and meet us in this time TechCrunch International City Event Beijing 2016!


1.During the signing up proceed, please make sure that you would not forget to upload your BP or Introduction, so that we can share your BP with our VCs before or after the event.
2.Evry Startup will have 10 minutes to chat with a sigle VC, and 3 VCs is the maximum numbers you can do in once entering. If you run out your chances, please stay in the line all over again to gain another 3 chances.
3.Startups need to bring your own computer or display equipment to the event, we don’t provide devices in the venue for your demonstration.

Detail and Information

First Day: 13:30 – 16:30

Second Day: 13:30 – 16:30

Inside of the TechCrunch International City Event Beijing 2016

VC Demands:

  • Above(Including) Investment Manager
  • Focusing on TMT

Startups Demands:

  • Ticket of TechCrunch International City Event Beijing 2016;
  • Sign up on the page of VC Meetup before the event;
  • TMT Startups

Agenda of  VCMeetup

Nov.7th 13:30 – 16:30 Investment Preference 11月8日 13:30 – 16:30 Investment Preference
GGV Capital Smart Hardware,loT,Cloud Computing,VR/AR SBCVC B2B,O2O,E-commerce,Smart Hardware,VR/AR
ZhenFund E-commerce,Fintech,Internet Med,Internet Entertaiment,Cloud Computing,Culture and Creation,Others China Renaissance Alpha B2B、E-commerce、Internet Med、Cloud Computing
GOBI Partners B2B,O2O,E-commerce,Smart Hardware,VR/AR GSR Ventures Smart Hardware、IoT、Cloud Computing
Cherubic Ventures Smart Hardware、Consuming Upgrade、Fintech、VR/AR Fosun Kinzon B2B,Smart Hardware,loT,Cloud Computing
YUNQI Partners B2B,O2O,E-commerce,Smart Hardware,Fintech,loT,Cloud Computing,VR/AR Jiangmen Investment B2B,Smart Hardware,loT,Internet Med,Cloud Computing,VR/AR
Huadan Angel B2B,E-commerce,Smart Hardware,Internet Entertaiment,VR/AR,Others Angel Plus B2B,Smart Hardware,Fintech,loT,Internet Med,Internet Entertaiment,Cloud Computing,VR/AR
Innospace B2B,Internet Entertaiment,Cloud Computing,VR/AR,Culture and Creation Cheetah Mobile B2B,O2O,E-commerce,Smart Hardware,VR/AR
LianVC Internet Entertaiment,VR/AR,Culture and Creation Ameba Capital TMT、E-commerce、SNS
Panda Capital B2B,O2O,E-commerce,Fintech,Internet Entertaiment,VR/AR,Culture and Creation,Others Cloud Angel Fund B2B、Smart Hardware、Fintech、loT、Cloud Computing
iResearch B2B、Fintech、Internet Entertaiment、VR/AR Dragonrise Capital B2B、Smart Hardware、Internet Entertaiment、VR/AR
Redpoint Ventures B2B,Fintech,loT,Cloud Computing,VR/AR BANYAN Capital E-commerce、Fintech、loT、Internet Entertaiment
Linear Venture TMT,Culture and Creation,Fintech,Video games,Enterprise Service Unliver O2O,E-commerce,Smart Hardware,Fintech,Internet Entertaiment,VR/AR,Culture and Creation
Caitong Caipital B2B,Smart Hardware,loT,Cloud Computing,Culture and Creation JAIC B2B,E-commerce,Internet Med
WI Harper Group B2B,Smart Hardware,loT,Internet Med,Cloud Computing,VR/AR,Others Innovation Angel Funds Smart Hardware,loT,Internet Med
Queen’s Road Capital B2B,O2O,E-commerce,Smart Hardware,loT,Internet Med,Internet Entertaiment,VR/AR,Culture and Creation,Others Cathay Innovation B2B,E-commerce,Smart,Hardware,Fintech,loT,Cloud Computing,VR/AR
MI Smart Hardware、Fintech、Internet Entertaiment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR ATOM VENTURES O2O、Internet Entertaiment
Hongrong Capital Smart Hardware,loT,VR/AR Cheil worldwide(samsung) Smart Hardware,VR/AR
Latitude Capital Children Industry,AI Ruvento Ventures Smart Hardware,Fintech,loT,Internet Med,Cloud Computing,VR/AR
Meitu O2O,Internet Entertaiment,VR/AR Unity Ventures Smart Hardware,loT,Internet Med,Cloud Computing,VR/AR
Youku&CRCM VC Internet Med,Internet Entertaiment,Cloud Computing,VR/AR Cheers Capital B2B、Smart Hardware、Internet Entertaiment、Cloud Computing、VR/AR
KEXIANG Group B2B,O2O,E-commerce,Smart Hardware,VR/AR,Culture and Creation Keytone Ventures B2B,Smart Hardware,loT,Internet Entertaiment,VR/AR
Dehou Capital B2B,Smart Hardware,Cloud Computing,VR/AR,Others Dark Horse Ventures Culture and Creation,Internet Med,Smart Hardware,Education
Longling Capital O2O,Smart Hardware,Fintech,Internet Med,VR/AR Haier SAIF Partners B2B,Smart Hardware,loT,Internet Entertaiment,VR/AR
starVC Content,E-commerce,Fintech,Enterprise Service Shangshi Fund loT,Internet Med
360 Smart Hardware,Fintech,IoT,Internet Med,Internet Entertaiment,Cloud Computing,VR/AR PreAngel Partners E-commerce、TMT、Smart Hardware、Internet Med、Culture and Creation
Telescope Investment TMT,E-commerce,Enterprise Service CAAC Fund B2B,Smart Hardware,Cloud Computing
Partners Group B2B,O2O,E-commerce,Internet Med,Internet Entertaiment,VR/AR FreesFund B2B,Smart Hardware,Cloud Computing
People VC B2B,Smart Hardware,Cloud Computing,VR/AR,Culture and Creation Mangrove Captial loT,Cloud Computing
Bits x Bites Food hardware, food software, biotech, and CPG Hike Capital B2B,E-commerce,Smart Hardware,Internet Entertaiment,Cloud Computing,Culture and Creation,Others
ANOVA Capital O2O,Internet Med,VR/AR,Others Weishi O2O,loT,Cloud Computing
HAX Smart Hardware UCCVR AR/VR Smart Hardware,loT,VR/AR TATWAH SMARTECH Smart Hardware、IoT
Cyanhill Capital E-commerce,Smart Hardware,Internet Med Pingan Ventures B2B,E-commerce,Fintech,Iot,VR/VR
JafcoAsia Fintech,loT ZGC Development Group Smart Hardware,Fintech
Keytone E-commerce,Smart Hardware,Internet Entertaiment,loT Royal Seal Group Fintech

We’ve brought VC Meetup to TechCrunch City event 3 years ago, more than 1000 local & overseas Startups and over 200 Venture Capitals have been involved since 2014. People share their wisdom, passion and ideas on this platform to achieve their prospects and funding issues.

For example

TechCrunch 2015 Beijing VC Meetup                         ChinaBang 2016 VC Meetup

Venture Capitals  70+                                                     Venture Capitals  60+

Startups                 700+                                                   Startups                 500+

Part of our Venture Capitals

2016-TCBJ- VC Meetup-Entrepreneure

  • Accepted file types: pdf, ppt.
    XFounder is the entrepreneurial ecosystem built by TechNode, which is focusing on building relationships among start-ups, investment institutions and Giants. Since 2016, we have recruited 400+ entrepreneurs and 300+ investment institutions.

2016-TCBJ- VC Meetup-Investor

    XFounder is the entrepreneurial ecosystem built by TechNode, which is focusing on building relationships among start-ups, investment institutions and Giants. Since 2016, we have recruited 400+ entrepreneurs and 300+ investment institutions.