• Clive van Heerden
    Clive van Heerden Co-founder at vHM Design Futures & Techstyler
  • Ned Desmond
    Ned Desmond COO at TechCrunch, General Manager at AOL Tech and Engadget
  • Adrian Li
    Adrian Li Founder and Managing Partner of Convergence Ventures
  • Mathilde Zhan
    Mathilde Zhan VP at MACALLINE GROUP, Director at Department of Enterprise Strategic Investment
    ANDREW HONG TEOH Founder & Managing Partner at Ameba Capital
  • Chris Pu
    Chris Pu Partner, Head of Greater China, Telstra Ventures
  • Bruce Yu
    Bruce Yu Partner of GGV Capital and Managing Director of GGV RMB Fund
  • Evan Auyang
    Evan Auyang Head of Asia-Pacic & Managing Director at GLG
  • Wenwen Niu
    Wenwen Niu Founder & Chairman at Dark Horse, Dean at iheima
  • Star Xu
    Star Xu Founder & CEO at Okcoin
  • Lu Gang
    Lu Gang Founder and CEO at TechNode.com COO at TechCrunch China
  • Dr. Ming Yang
    Dr. Ming Yang Co-founder & VP
 at Horizon Robotics
  • Shuxin Cheng
    Shuxin Cheng Lecturer of Innovation design course at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Founder and CEO of XHSQ
    KAY MOK KU Partner at Gobi Partners
  • Luo Bin
    Luo Bin CEO at Microsoftventures
  • Bing Xu
    Bing Xu Co-founder & VP at SenseTime
  • Jiancang Wei
    Jiancang Wei Founder & CEO at Deepfar Ocean
  • Jan Olaf Gaudestad
    Jan Olaf Gaudestad Head of Department of Business at uSens
  • Ken Xu
    Ken Xu Managing Partner
  • Dr. Kai-Fu Lee
    Dr. Kai-Fu Lee Founder at Sinovation Ventures
  • Tao Lei
    Tao Lei Co-founder at YIXIA & Head of xiaoka.tv
  • Aaron Liao
    Aaron Liao Co-founder & CFO at XGIMI
  • Juncong Zheng
    Juncong Zheng Managing Partner at Vertex Ventures China
  • Colin Angle
    Colin Angle Chairman & CEO& Co-founder at iRobot
  • Ella Bao
    Ella Bao Co-Founder & CMO at lagou.com
  • Paul Wong
    Paul Wong VP at Explorium of Fung Group
  • Brian Hui
    Brian Hui SVP, Head of LeMall Global & SVP, Overseas O2O & VP, Le Holdings Group Marketing
  • Ruilin Zhao
    Ruilin Zhao General Manager of Greater China at Illumina
  • Steven Ji
    Steven Ji Director & Partner at Sequoia Capital China
  • Dr. David Deng
    Dr. David Deng Founder,&President & CTO of Ardent BioMed ,Chief Scientist at Daan Gene
  • Steven Yang
    Steven Yang Founder & CEO at Anker
  • Elle Lee
    Elle Lee Style Influencer, Writer, Personality and Founder of elleiconlee.com,The most popular Miss Hong Kong
  • Lei HaiBo
    Lei HaiBo Founder & CEO at TAIHUONIAO
  • Jeffrey Paine
    Jeffrey Paine Founding Partner at Golden Gate Ventures
  • Ben Chen
    Ben Chen VM & Board Secretary at Wondfo
  • Shujun Huang
    Shujun Huang VP & Head of VLive Show at vipabc
  • Sandy Diao
    Sandy Diao Director of Strategic Programs China at Indiegogo
  • Songxiu Hua
    Songxiu Hua President at Bitbank
  • Lejun Deng
    Lejun Deng Former member of Beijing GUOAN Football Team