Why we want to hold 2016 TechCrunch international innovation summit Beijing startup competition?
We don’t want to see people who act important roles in bright future lose opportunities to success because of some minor problems. We’d like to accept the startup teams from all over the world and communicate with them. We also have invited the CEOs and founders from top investment institutions who give advices and protections to the entrepreneurs.

  • 1. Online Application

    Aug.20 - Oct.28

  • 2. Selection

    Oct.24 - Oct.30

  • 3. Preparation

    Oct.31- Nov.6

  • 4. Final Contest

    Nov.7 - Nov.8

Want to join us ?

  • Startups in TMT field
  • Before the first round funding


  • Original mode and idea, no “Copy to China”
  • Desiring software products, prefer hardware inovation
  • Company haven’t or rarely with the media exposure


  • We provide 2 VIP tickets.Valid for 2 days
  • 15-Finalist company would give a presentation in the TC stage to the audience ,media and VC
  • Finalist company would receive a professional analysis from the authorities
  • Finalist company would be interviewed by TechCrunch and Technode.
  • Finalist company enjoys a booth for free
  • To be continued

The purchase for ordinary booth does not affect the startup competition’s free booth, if being selected as the 15-Finalist company, we will refund the full cost for booth purchasing.
Free tickets for competition and booth can not be double applied.

Startup Competition Q&A

Find the result ?

Make sure you leave the right Email Address and Phone number.
You will receive our confirmation email in time.

After pass the first selection ?

After our confirmation,please prepare your product and PPT.Several rehearsals would be arrange by our staff for ensure the best effection.

How to Contact ?

Any other questions, please email to, and marked [consulting]. We would feed back in 24 hours.

How to apply the booth ?

Finalist company enjoys a booth for free in 2 days.
Login in for applying.


The six finalists for the TechCrunch 2016 Startup Competition will contend for these generous awards the main event. (The prizes will be in the form of interest-free transferrable bonds )
【1】Champion: 1 million RMB
【2】Runner Up: :500 thousand RMB
【3】3rd place:200 thousand RMB
【4】4th-6th place: 100 thousand RMB each
丨Prize money awarded by Gobi Partners


1. The transferrable bonds are in CNY. Gobi Partners will provide transferrable bonds in accordance with the foreign exchange regulations and the law. (Entities registered overseas might not qualify for transferrable bonds.)
2. The contract that Gobi Partners signs with these companies does NOT serve as a valuation or pricing agreement for the current round. A valuation will be determined by the next round of investors.
3. Gobi Partners reserves all rights to investment decisions.

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Startup Competition Partnership and Sponsor

What do you need:
– Recommend outstanding projects to the competition
– Doing collective promotion for Startup Competition
– Communicating and giving feedback regularly
– Others

What do you need:
– Exposure by a number of famous media agencies
– Get 10 TC two day pass
– Have opportunity to get booths for startups
– The CEO or the person in charge of the company will be invited to the After Party.
– Others

If you have any questions,please send e-mail to ,please mark your cooperation contents and questions,we will reply in 24 hours.Let’s change the world.

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